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Osun Corp Member Sustains Head Injuries After Being Brutalized By His Students »

A National Youth Service Corps member working at a secondary school in Osun state has suffered body injuries after being attacked by students.

The yet-to-be identified victim could be seen in a video with torn clothes and blood gushing out of his head.

It was gathered that a knife was the weapon used on him by students who were displeased by a decision he made.

In the trending video, the corps member looked on in dismay and confusion as blood ran down his face and stained his shirt.

Persons in the environment could be heard expressing rage in the background as they condemned the attack on the young man.

We won’t take this,” voices are heard.

Ngnews247.com is unable to post the video owing to its gory nature.

In reaction, officialbobbyfredrick__ said; That is why I thank God everyday that I didn’t teach while serving 😩

noradiva; Secondary school kids are becoming something else this days and you can’t blame the parents cuz believe me, they’ve tried. This children be doing the most and you will think they are not receiving proper home training.

evelyn____xx; They need to scrape this thing. Plus corps members need to close their eyes to something’s. You’re not a permanent staff, if you see how rugged the student are, it’s better to let them be and focus on the ones ready to learn.

nene_george; This is totally unacceptable 😢😢. He might still be alive right now but the their could be potential damage done to his brain. I feel so bad for him right now.


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