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Sonaiya, Ighodalo to discuss Leadership, National Development today |

The Africa Leadership Group (ALG) will today host the 2015 female presidential candidate on the platform of KOWA party, Professor Remi Sonaiya to discuss ‘Leadership and National Development.

The programme is part of the AGL leadership series ahead of this year’s general elections.

The session to be hosted via zoom session by the head pastor of Trinity House Church, Ituah Ighodalo is designed to bring about the desired economic change in the country through cross-pollination and fertilization of ideas by experts drawn across disciplines.

The Director of Publicity and Media Relations of the group, Lara Gureje-Oderinde who made this known in a statement expressed optimism in the aftermath of the session

Gureje-Oderinde said that the continuous discourses were apt given the precarious situation in Nigeria.

According to her, it was high time Nigerians became enthusiastically conscious of the political affairs of the country and actively get involved in elections by exercising their franchise which would shape their socio-economic life afterwards. “As the election dates draw near, we need to rev and sensitize our people to use the power of their votes and their choices to choose good leaders.

Gureje-Oderinde said Ighodalo, the Chairman and Founder of ALG- Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, would leave no stone unturned to ensure that people get the right information, particularly in politics, leadership, nation-building and national development to enable them to make informed decisions.

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