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SULTANA: Big Secret Out Revealing BI UA’s All Plans

Welcome again to Sultana interesting episodes dear Viewers.Today we are discussing about BI UA Hidden secretive plans, feel free to comment.

BI UA’s has been fooling around that she is crazy but with missions to accomplish, BI UA has been pretending to be crazy so that she get to know the truth why Bi Fatma is in the house and what is her big motive towards the family of Mzee Major Jabali.

Here is All BI UA’s secretive plans.

To end BI Fatma-Major Jabali Friendship, BI UA is ready to end all plans Fatma is willing to do in the house, she will stop her forever from Her husband Boss Major Jabali.

Bring her daughter Sultana in the mansion.

Bi UA is also planning to bring her daughter Sultana in the mansion and protect her as necessary as possible.

Do you think her plans are going to work, remember to share them below.

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