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Sultana: What Viewers Should Know About the Love of Sultana and Jabali Junior

Dear Sultana readers and admirers, I have a lot to say today about Sultana and Jabali Junior’s love.

First and foremost, Sultana is both the name of a person and a television series. The word “Sultana” can mean a lot of different things. “Sultana” is a Kiswahili television series that premiered on Citizen TV and quickly became popular.

Sultana primarily discusses affection and care. Because Sultana and Jabali Junior’s love is so complicated, I’m not saying that, as the show implies. Sultana was taken from her mother BI UA for various reasons when she was first born.

Sultana and Jabali cannot be together because they are identical twins, but Sultana’s parents are wealthy while Jabali Junior’s parents are poor.

Sultana Will eventually sees her parents again, and Jabali Junior finds out that Major Jabali and BI UA are not really his parents.

Readers, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading my article.

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