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What Does Mykhaylo Mudryk Add To Chelsea Tactically? Tactical Analysis of Mudryk

Chelsea have managed to aquire the signing of Ukranian Mykhaylo Mudryk from Shaktar Donetsk for a reported euro 100 million, a move that could potentially be the best January cupture by Graham Potter. But just how good is Mudryk or what good can he potentialy add to this Chelsea side?

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First of all Mudryk is an explosive dribller who enjoys playing from the left flank of the attack a position that this club has strugled to find a player who fits since Eden Hazard flee Stamford Bridge. We will start analysing this player from the threat that he poses as an attaking player.

With a general goal threat of 0.32 xG per 90, Mudryk has managed to direct 62.5% of his shorts on target managing a tally of 0.46 goal per 90. This means that the Ukranian will of course add more goal threat in Chelasea’s attack as he routinely loves to slalom in from the left flank to find a shot or a final pass.

Mudryk is a player gifted with lovely dribling ability, this player is a complete package considering the speed at which he dribles. With an avarage of 5.37 dribbles per 90, he enjoys a succes rate of 66.47% also managing impressive 5.53 progressive runs per 90. Being a player with no real weaker foot, mudryk is a suitable addition to Chelsea’s attack with allitle bit of flair in his dribling, able to get out of tight spaces impulsively something that can be compared to gareth Kylian Mbape’s style.

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Next on is his team player ability, this is an area of weaknes but can definately improve in a more possession based team like Chelsea considering he has been the star man for Shaktar which plays a more different style to Chelase’s. Mudryk has a passing accuracy of 77% avaraging 26 complete passes per 90, but with an avarage of 5.87 foward passes per 90, its fare to say that he can greatly improve this area of his game while sorounded by better quality players.

If you thought Mudryk is just a goal scoring threat in as much as we haven’t seen a huge goal scoring record, then you thought wrong, this player is also a chance creating machine. He is always happy to sack players in all because of his sheer driblling ability, he’s quite good going down the line and bending in crosses from either flank but he also enjoys cutting in to half pockets of spaces from the left. He’s lower side that he must definately improve on, is that he does sometimes over hit passes allitle bit more, but no one can question his vision and general creativity currently boasting a rate of 3.74 progressive passes per 90. This start gives him and xA per 90 of 0.37 with the same figure for actual assits per 90.

We can talk more about Mudryk’s creative arsenal not without looking at his crossing game. Being a two footed baller, he can be a great source of assists from crosses having registered cross accuracy of 32.65% and an avarage of 2.26 crosses per 90.

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So far, Mudryk’s possession game looks great but there’s a part that quite need bit of tightening, this is his long passing stat; 0.92 long passes per 90, with an accuracy of 40% which is a bit low while he is avaraging a pass length of 16.49 metres.

Moving foward analyzing Mudryk’s arial threat is much direct foward, he is quite a physical lad, he’s not afraid of physical challanges arial duels, he hasn’t shown much goal threat with this technique but he is pretty competetive in open play, winning 41% of his 1.66 arial duels per 90.

Defensively, the Ukranian star is avaraging 1.2 interceptions per 90 which is undestandable for a winger/foward type of player but from open play he is good at pressing the ball winning 51% of his defensive duels per 90.

Generaly looking on how Mudryk will fit in to Chelsea’s first eleven, we must understand that he has been playing as a left winger in a 4-1-4-1 shape on paper with much rotations especially in the other foward possitions. One important thing is that Chelsea must and will be playing a left back player who somehow could atleast compare to Mykhaylichenko who has a real understanding with Mudryk. A left back who is precise with his weighting for the right moments to make over laping runs and just to go around wall passes to allow him run the half spaces as well as run down the line. All of Chelseas left back’s has shown some admirable quality in combination plays which will definately suit the Ukranian star.

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In conclusion Mudryk should be a fit in to the Premier League and is one kind of a player that Chelsea needs much at this moment in time with a number of issues cripling most players involvements. He has so much in his locker that will simply be unleashed playing alongside players like Haverts under the curent management.

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