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“Where is CBC Headed?” Raila’s Man Inquires as He Reveals Where Rich Families Are Taking Their Kids

Raila’s man Hon Peter Kaluma questioned the path CBC is taking and revealed where rich families are taking their children.

CBC has raised a lot of questions from both parents and teachers. As grade 6 students are graduating to Junior Secondary School, a lot of preparation is being done. Education officers are still making a list of the schools with the ability to host these students.

Hon Peter Kaluma took to his Twitter account to question this education system arguing that students under this program don’t know where they are heading. In addition, he said that children from rich families are taken to private schools offering the British education system.

“Where is this CBC education system headed? Children of the rich joining private schools offering the British education system as those from humble backgrounds oscillate not knowing where they’re headed!,” he wrote.

What do you think about his statement? Is it true that rich families aren’t bothered by this system? Share your thoughts below.

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