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Why Is Your D*ck So Hard, Khosi Tells Her New Man »

The Yemi Cregx and Khosi ship seem to have kick-started already and a whole vibe of under-the-duvet action is looking set to roll in. Yesterday the two Big Brother Titan housemates were having a conversation when Khosi dropped a bomb.

Khosi looked at Yemi Cregx and asked him why his pen!s is so hard, he was surprised but he smiled at her though. To confirm it she then use her hand to touch his pen!s and the two of them started laughing. The two of them are housemates who have succeeded in making other housemates in the Big Brother Titan house jealous relationship-wise.

They are the only two housemates that have gone under the duvet even though it is not clear what they were doing under the duvet but the hand of Yemi Cregx was in a position that got many wondering if his fingers were doing something else.

Apart from the two of them, Juicy Jay and Yvonne are also another couple to keep an eye on. The two have been all clingy and they look perfect and happy together, it kinda tells of how possible it is for people to live together regardless of their country.

The two ships are ships having a Nigerian man and also a South African woman. Khosi is a South African with a Nigerian man Yemi and Yvonne is Nigerian with a South African Male.


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