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New Housemate Escapes 1st Strike »

A newly installed housemate to the Big Brother Titans Season 1 Reality TV Show, almost got the whip from Biggie, after failing twice to adhere to a simple instruction.

During his diary room session, the new Nigerian BBTitans mate, Miracle OP, referred to Biggie as ‘my guy’ while responding to the question asked.

Instantly, Biggie queried his choice of words and demanded to know why Miracle thinks they are guys from the manner he addressed the questions.

Reacting, the new housemate said he was sorry, adding that his action wasn’t intentional and that the word ‘my guy’ only came out as an expression not referring directly to Biggie.

After he was pardoned for the error, Biggie continued with the questions and asked how he finds his stay in Big Brother’s house.

A few minutes later, Miracle got carried away and repeated the same error by referring to Biggie as ‘my guy’. This time, Big Brother’s response became harsher, and warned Miracle OP against such gestures, unless he wants to face the consequences.

Luckily, he escaped getting a strike for the second time as Biggie understood that it was just a habit he finds had to do away with.

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