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5 Photos That will Leave You Second Guessing How They Were Taken

Nowadays, people will do anything for fame irregardless of the dangers they impose on themselves. Below are some photos that will leave you questioning how exactly they were taken.

1. Lady doing yoga poses on the edge of a cliff.

This photo is of a lady doing yoga poses on the edge of a cliff while holding a camera.

2. Man Climbing a waterfall.

This man is seen trying to “climb” a waterfall. The most difficult question is what exactly is holding him there and what if he slips and falls?

3. Man Swinging From A tree that’s close to a cliff edge

This is probably the riskiest of them all. What if the branch that is holding the swings breaks and he plunges into the abyss?

4. Man sleeping on a foot bridge with lover.

This man took romance too far . He is seen lying on a foot bridge with a woman probably his lover. He is way too closer to the edge that a small mistake could send him tumbling down.

5. Man walking atop a thin rope.This man has been photographed crossing two mountains on top of a thin rope. It is not clear if there is anything holding him incase he misses a step

These are really scary moves and are not worth anyone’s life. What are your thoughts on this? Leave your views in the comments section and don’t forget to share and follow me for more interesting .



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