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A Prophet Of God Won’t Ask You Whether Your Mother Is Alive Or Not According To Bishop Oyedepo

During a live-streamed session, Bishop David Oyedepo, the general overseer of Living Faith Chapel, also known as Winners, shared a message with the audience.

According to reports, the cleric added while declaring “A prophet of God won’t ask you if your mother is still alive. He should be aware. indicating that the ability to see visions is a gift given to all of God’s prophets. He added the following: “If some prophets want to pray but are unsure on how to pray for other people. They’ll take them to the bridge or the beach in a car. A few rituals are performed by them. Then they’ll be pushed down to the sand. Pay attention now; if this describes you, you must stop. You need to pray to God for an earthly revival.

Learn to advance, he said. Because if you come from a royal family in your community and he is just 5 years old, there is no way to put the right person there. It implies that you are destined for a throne, but you must first mature into it. Additionally, its maturity is unaffected by age. Depending on how perceptive you are Education helps one come to this realization.

Finally, he said, “I was reading Charles G. Finney’s revivals when my wife was in the hospital giving birth to our son. I promised to research the revival. disregarding the labor of my wife. I knew that everything was predetermined for those who walked honestly with God.

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