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Effects of Drinking Beer on a Daily Basis

It’s not uncommon to experience kidney stones. Due to the frequent occurrence of back pain, painful urination, or blood in the urine, this disease may cause you to have restless nights. According to healthline, kidney stones can affect anyone, though those with diabetes or obesity are more likely to get them. Fortunately, these stones are frequently tiny and can usually be naturally eliminated by urine in 30 to 40 days without the need for surgery. Have you heard that consuming beer can hasten the process and aid in the removal of kidney stones?

What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are solid, angular salt and mineral deposits that develop inside the kidneys. According to healthline, stones frequently develop when the urine gets concentrated, causing minerals to solidify and adhere to one another. The majority of kidney stones are composed of calcium, can develop in one kidney or both, and can affect any section of the urinary tract, the bladder, ureters, and kidney. One in ten persons will experience this illness at some point in their lifetime.

How to treat kidney stones?

The size, location, and kind of the stone all affect how the kidney stone is treated. Smaller kidney stones that are closer to the bladder may pass naturally in the urine or with minimal medical assistance, according to healthline.

Healthline further explains that larger stones will require surgery, which may take the form of shock wave therapy, ureteroscopy (during which a small telescope-like tool is passed up to the ureter), or percutaneous surgery, during which a small incision is created to directly access the kidney stones.

Kidney stones can be treated in a variety of ways, with medication, surgery, and numerous home treatments. However, are you aware that drinking beer can help with kidney stones?

How does beer help in treating kidney stones?

This question doesn’t have a simple solution. According to healthline, the risk of kidney stone formation was decreased in beer consumers. As per healthline, individuals who had never experienced kidney stones were beer drinkers, although the amount and frequency of beer consumption were unknown.

It is common knowledge that drinking beer will dehydrate you, which increases your risk of developing kidney stones. However, alcohol is a diuretic and hence creates a lot of urine, according to healthline. Therefore, beer may aid in the clearance of tiny ureteric stones (less than 5 mm in size).

In conclusion, beer is a choice that can help lower the risk, but for a heavy drinker, beer can actually make kidney stones more likely. Therefore, you must make a wise choice. Drinking lots of fluids should be your goal because the goal is to produce a lot of pee, which will increase pressure and aid in the release of the stones.

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