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Ghosts of ICC Could Allegedly Haunt Kenya Again if Investigations Into The Bomas Chaos are Launched

It is important to seek the truth if there were any plots to kill Chebukati, attempts to deny Ruto victory, or misuse of Jose Camargo’s ICT skills to steal Raila’s win, Saturday Standard article suggests.

However, a concern has been raised on what would happen if top leaders and political honchos would be dragged into the allegations of what transpired during the last year’s polls.

Instead of focusing on the past, an opinion has suggested that President William Ruto should focus on building the nation and forget the old. The current regime has been informed that Bomas investigation may only serve to provide negative political energy.

In 2018, Raila was not prosecuted for his mock swearing-in at Uhuru Park as it would have put the nation on a more precarious path. The then Jubilee government went ahead and had a handshake with the ODM leader.

It is now alleged that probe into the Bomas incidents could end up in a similar way as the ICC, Hague, cases which were surrounded by hype in press conferences and nothing more. Those who have committed heinous crimes continue to enjoy freedom.

The opinion further suggests that justice should be all-inclusive, not just for politicians and IEBC but for all Kenyans. It also suggests that events of 2007-2008 should be revisited.

“The events of 2007-2008, where Kenyans were killed and many others displaced, and robbed, should also be revisited. Many still live in IDP camps, and justice remains a mere daydream for them. Bomas poll is to be investigated, it should also include revisiting past sham elections and the full implementation of the Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission report, even if it is a difficult task.” an editor at The Standard has suggested.

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