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Gunmen kidnap Nasarawa students, Imo LG boss

Gunmen kidnapped six children from the Local Government Education Authority Primary School, Alwaza, in the Doma Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, along with two other individuals and Chris Ohizu, the lone officer in charge of the Ideato North Local Government Area in Imo State, on Friday. A community source who spoke to our correspondent on the phone on the condition of anonymity said that the Nasarawa incident occurred at around 7 a.m., while other students were still arriving at the school for the day’s activities. 

 The entire scenario is unclear, the insider claimed. 

 We had no notion that something like that could happen in our community. Six pupils were kidnapped by armed individuals and taken somewhere they were unfamiliar with. Since the criminals were well-armed, and we were locals, we were unable to save them. But we informed the police about the incident, and I am sure they will take steps to protect the pupils. 

 Ramhan Nansel, a spokesman for the state police, said that six students were not abducted during the attack. 

 Two boys, ages seven and eight, were taken hostage by the shooters, according to a police spokeswoman, who also said that they were on their way to school when the event took place. 

 Nansel continued by saying that as soon as the police learned of the incident, Maiyaki Baba, the commissioner of police, sent commanding officers, vigilantes, and other security agencies to the scene. 

 The evidence I have indicates that two children, aged seven and eight, were abducted while traveling to LEA Primary School in Alwaza community. Around 7:10am, a combined police, military, and vigilante force led by the commissioner of police was mobilized to the scene of the incident in an effort to free the kidnapped students and apprehend the attackers. We pledge to take all necessary steps to address the issue while pursuing the kidnappers. 

 Nansel urged the people of the Alwaza neighborhood to conduct their lawful business without interference or interference, and to report any suspicious faces they may have noticed to the local authorities. 

 In the Imo incident, the kidnapping took place after the attackers destroyed Ohizu’s rural home in the Imoko town of Arondizuogu. 

 The council president was shot before being taken away with two other victims, a source informed City Round. 

The lone administrator of Ideato North, along with two other people, “was taken captive last night after setting fire to his home in the Imoko hamlet of Arondizuogu,” the source claims. Before they kidnapped him, they shot him in the leg. His return from the hospital was recent. I’m in shock. 

 Another insider bemoaned the recent uptick in neighborhood turmoil. 

According to the source, Ideato North’s only administrator perished in a fire. He suffered bullet wounds to his legs from being taken hostage. God is now in charge of us.

 Less than a week prior, an attack occurred at Ugochinyere Imo’s country home in the Akokwa community of the Ideato North LGA. Imo is the spokesperson for the Coalition of United Political Parties. In the incident, 33 automobiles were burned to the ground and three people were killed.

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