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“How Can I Be This Pretty and Single” Crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia Asks Sparking Reactions

Crossdresser kelving Kinuthia amazes people with how confident he is with his body and rocking women’s outfits. It had been long since he was spotted in men’s attire since he even plaits her hair, wears wigs, makeup and everything that ladies do to look good.

He always refer to himself as baby girl or mumama depending on the topic he is recording. His way of doing things has made him attract companies who work with him as a brand influencer.

Kinuthia shared a video of behind the scenes of a photoshoot he had gone and he captioned it, “How can I be this pretty and single?”

He probably wanted to attract people’s attention which he did because his fans went to the comments section to praise him for how good he looked.

Kinuthia has always made people talk and ask about his orientation but he never answers them directly. Most of them think that he is not just brave enough to come out of the closet because a straight person cannot behave the way he does.

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