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How To Use Bay Leaf To Prevent And Manage High Blood Sugar

According to healthline The bay leaf is a very versatile herb. Most individuals who use this herb in their cooking don’t realize it’s packed with health advantages for the body. This article will discuss the use of bay leaves in the treatment and management of hyperglycemia. The idea for this piece came from reading an article on Healthline.

Healthline claims that in addition to its essential oils, bay leaves contain a number of other phytochemicals. Polyphenols are a key ingredient that aids in glucose homeostasis and improves insulin metabolism.

The Role of This Medicinal Plant in Lowering and Preventing Hyperglycemia

Consuming bay leaves has been suggested as a useful method for both avoiding and treating the illness in a number of studies. Some of the ways it can be put to use are listed below.

Bay leaf tea is a great way to enjoy this versatile herb, which also has a number of practical applications. To prepare the bay leaves, simply get some, wash them briefly, and then bring them to a boil in one glass of water. Bay leaf tea is most effective when consumed on a daily basis.

The second method is to eat bay leaves by cooking with them. Some people like to eat bay leaves by cooking with them. Bay leaves are a versatile spice that can be used to a wide range of dishes, stews, soups, oats, Jollof, veggies, and more.

Third, combine your diabetes medicine with ground bay leaves. If you take your diabetes medicine and also take some ground bay leaves, the combination may be more beneficial.

There is a supplement type of bay leaf extract that may be taken orally.

WARNING: Always with your primary care physician before trying any over-the-counter natural remedies.

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