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Student narrates how he begged policemen for transport fare after they took N30,000 in his account

A student on Friday gave details of how some policemen stopped him inside a public vehicle, searched his bag, took him inside a bush and eventually collected all the N30,000 found in his account.

He added that he had to beg the officers for transport fare to take him to his school after the money was collected, due to the fact that the driver of the bus he boarded dropped his bag and zoomed off after the police asked him to come down.

The student, whose Twitter handle is @youngreezyszn, wrote a series of tweets where he said he left Akure, Ondo State for school in Benin, Edo State through Owo and a few minutes before getting to Benin, they met a checkpoint where policemen stopped the vehicle.

He added that the policemen searched his bag and found nothing incriminating and they later branded him an internet fraudster, adding that they also demanded for his phone and found nothing suspicious after checking it.

However, as this was going on, he said the driver brought out his bag, dropped it in the police patrol van and zoomed off, leaving him and a friend who stood by him with four policemen.

According to him, despite the fact that he showed them his school’s identity card, they refused to listen to him, alleging that they threatened to kill him if he refused to cooperate.

He alleged that they also hit him with the butt of a gun and also slapped him, adding that when they brought him out of the bush, they opened his bank account application and saw the sum of N30,000 in it.

Displaying the transaction details of the money on his Twitter handle, he alleged that they brought him to a Point of Sales stand and transferred the entire money in the account before they asked him and a friend of his who was with him to go.

He however disclosed that since he and his friend did not have any money with them, they had to beg the policemen for transport fare in order for them to be able to get to their school.

He also displayed the photograph of one of the policemen on his Twitter handle.

Below are screenshots of the tweets by the student on the matter:

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