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Yemi and Sandra Reveal They Planned To Meet Each Other Before The House (Video) »

Big Brother Titans season 1 Ziyakhala Wahala Housemates and reality television stars Sandra Essiene and Yemi Cregx disclosed in a conversation that they know each other outside Biggie’s House.

Recall that Sandra, alongside three other Housemates Miracle OP, Blue Aiva, and Theo Traw were the new Housemates introduced into the show on Thursday evening.

Seeing Sandra, Yemi had to rush to give her a very passionate hug, showing they actually know each other.

As they discuss after the pool party, Yemi and Sandra thought of how it seems like unimaginable seeing themselves in the same place, after they had planned to meet.

Yemi had to conclude that Universe was actually listening to their discussion outside the House on how they’re going to meet. Sandra added that Biggie was listening to them too.

Sandra: “There’s a reason you had to run away from me, I heard you’re a married man”.

Yemi: “I have chemistry with someone and that’s not a reason. Me and you, you know the vibes and that’s the reason, it’s not about that”.

Sandra: “As long as you still remember I’m your f#cking G”.

Yemi: “I do”.

Sandra: “I’m just really glad I’m seeing you, you know what I mean”.

Yemi: “I’m talking to you that we’ll see and we’re seeing here”.

Sandra: “DAMN! This is surreal, we planned that we’ll see”.

Yemi: -+“It’s a manifestation”.

Sandra: “It’s like Biggie was listening to us”.

Yemi: “The Universe was listening”.

Watch their conversation below.


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