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4 Symptoms of a Bad Transmission Vacuum Modulator

Gear changes are often taken for granted by drivers. However, a vacuum modulator within your automatic transmission ensures that the gear shift goes smoothly every time.

According to Mechanicbase, the vacuum modular is an engine-mounted sensor used to determine how much strain you are putting on your vehicle’s powerplant. Upon determining this value, the transmission will be allowed to shift gears as necessary. However, in this post, I want to briefly educate you on some of the symptoms of a bad transmission vacuum modulator.

Low Engine Performance

Weak engine performance is the most obvious sign. A leaky vacuum and subsequent shutdown of the EGR system can occur if the vacuum modulator’s diaphragm is damaged.

The Engine Light Is On

When your vacuum modulator fails, one of the first things you’ll notice is that your check engine light comes on. modulator sends a bad signal, the car’s computer will immediately detect it and turn on the warning light.

Large Quantities of Emitted Gases

Excessive nitrogen dioxide emissions could be a sign that the vacuum modulator is no longer doing its job of controlling the level of emissions from your vehicle.

Changing Difficulties

If you are having trouble shifting in addition to the aforementioned symptoms, it is likely that your transmission vacuum modulator is broken.

The transmission can shift gears because of the vacuum modulator. A malfunctioning vacuum modulator will adversely affect the reliability of normal shifting.

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