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If You Want Comfort Go Back to Your House, Ebuka Cautions Housemate »

The ongoing Big Brother Titan received its first major surprise today as one of the hosts Ebuka informed them that no one is leaving the house today. In his usual way, he tried to shake the table and so he asked some very tricky questions. He asked Jenny O what her plans are and she is always in the kitchen now.

He asked if that was her strategy since it worked for some of the housemates who were in the show before their set. Jenny O did not deny the fact that she is always in the kitchen but she made it clear that it is not a strategy that she just likes to cook.

Jenny O was not the only housemate Ebuka questioned. Ebuka also questioned Yvonne, he asked her what her plans concerning the relationship in the house is. Yvonne answered him and then said she did not come into the house to make friends and so she is not letting relationship or friendship shift her goal. This answer did not go well with Ebuka as he told her that if she wanted to be comfortable she should have stayed back in her house. He told her that she is in the midst of 23 different people how can she not make friends in the house?

After she answered him saying she is not in the house for friends then he then decided to advise, not just her but all the housemates. He told them to try to be careful with how they talk and relate with each other. He was very concerned about the way they talked to each other. Tomorrow is another head-of-house game and also nomination night, nominations are usually based on friendship so if you don’t have friends you are likely to get more nominations which means you are likely to leave the show early.

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