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“In a few years you will employ those Straight A Student take heart” Chris Kirwa advice to trio Mio

Kenya youngest famous rapper and gengetone artist Trio Mio has found himself trending on social media platforms . The From hitmaker rose into fame two years ago during the COVID 19 lockdown when he composed a song that went viral across the east Africa .

Trio Mio has been multitasking his music career and education as he started singing when he was at form 2 . Today as the cabinet secretary for education announced the results many of her fans and followers were concerned on her results . Trio has not been seen on top students in the country and Chris Kirwa has taken to his social media page to congratulate him and wish him well on life .

Kirwa has told trio that he might not be among the top students in the country but one day he will employ those straight A students as managers in his businesses .

We wish Trio all the best in life as well .

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