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The real name of the fish, called stockfish or okporoko, and how it is processed

Stockfish, or okporoko in Nigeria, is indeed a type of dried fish that is widely consumed in many countries. Drying white fish like haddock or cod in the air for a few months yields this delicacy. Salting and drying the fish in the sun or a drying shed makes it hard and brittle. According to WebMD, cod, haddock, or Pollock are some of the examples of white fish, which is used in making stockfish.

Stick fish, or stokkfiskr in Old Norse, is where the name “stockfish” originates from. Curling the tail and fins during drying gives the fish a “sticky” appearance and makes the meat rigid. The fish is called klippfisk in Norway and bacalhau in Portugal; both names translate to “dried fish.”

Processing methods for stockfish vary from one species to another and from one geographic region to another. Stockfish, which is made from cod and dried for a few months by hanging it from wooden racks in the open air, is a popular dish in Norway. It is common practice to house the racks indoors, both to shield the fish from the elements and to slow the drying process.

Similarly to the above, okporoko is prepared in Nigeria, though the fish is typically salted and dried in the sun or a drying shed for several weeks. To prepare the fish for cooking, it is submerged in water to relax the muscle fibers.

Once stockfish has been dried properly, it can keep for years without losing any of its flavor. This method is frequently used as a last resort when fresh fish is in short supply.

Different people from different places and cultures can find a stockfish preparation or style of eating that they enjoy. Typically, Norwegians will soak stockfish in water for a few days to soften it before boiling it and serving it with potatoes, vegetables, and a variety of sauces. Bonga soup, a spicy stew made with okporoko and other ingredients, is one of Nigeria’s most well-known dishes.

The high nutrient and flavor of Stockfish has made it a popular food around the world for centuries, according to Healthline. Because of its high protein and nutrient density, it is a staple food for many people. Stockfish, which came from humble beginnings but is now a popular ingredient in many dishes and enjoyed by people all over the world, has emerged from obscurity.

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