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What God Will Do To The Youths In 2023 – Benny Hinn Reveals

Pastor Benny Hinn, a notable Israeli tevangelist, teacher, and author of best-selling books, has revealed what God will do to the youth in 2023.

In a video on his verified Facebook page, the man of God said that after his experience at Billy Graham’s library, he wept. Benny Hinn said, “I sense it in my spirit that in 2023, God will give the youth boldness that will amaze the church.” The Lord is about to anoint the youths as he anointed Peter with boldness. He further said that the church is about to see the move of God. He said, “The move of God through the youths will be an eruption.” “The sound of revival among the youths will drown out the noise of those who left the Christian faith.” He said that parents should get ready for their children to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. He said, “Pray for young people.”

(For the sermon, fast forward the video to 1 minute, 10 seconds.)

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