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Why a Baby Might Not Be Gaining Weight

When a baby doesn’t gain weight, parents often wonder what the cause might be. There are numerous causes for a child not to acquire weight. According to WebMd, here are some reasons why your baby is not gaining enough weight.

* One of the reasons for poor weight gain in babies is having inadequate or delayed breast milk supply. A baby who is breastfed will continue to gain weight until their mother’s milk supply goes down or they stop breast-feeding. If your baby isn’t gaining weight, it’s possible that the breast milk isn’t being supplied properly and if your baby does not get enough breast milk, it may lead to poor weight gain, diarrhea or other health problems. There might a reasons why some mothers experience low milk supply but the good news is that a low milk supply can often be improved fairly easily.

* Another possibility is that your baby is having brief periods of nursing instead of longer ones. Babies who nurse very little may stop eating sooner than babies who nurse longer. They may also be less satisfied with their meals, which could lead to low weight gain at an early age. Low weight gain could also be attributed to short nursing periods.

* Another reason why your baby is not gaining much weight might be due to bad latch. Your baby may not gain enough weight if the latch is improper.

* Lastly, if you are not breastfeeding your baby regularly might result to low weight gain. According to studies, breastfeeding is the best way to help your baby grow and thrive. But if you’re not breastfeeding regularly, it could affect your baby’s weight gain. All the vitamins a baby needs for proper development and growth are present in breast milk.

It also contains antibodies that help build up an immune system so your baby can fight infection. These benefits make breast milk the ideal food for babies. Meanwhile, if you don’t consistently breastfeed, your child won’t receive enough of these nutrient. And they won’t receive any antibodies from breast milk Without these important nutrients and antibodies, your baby may not grow well and may even get sick more often than other babies.

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