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6 Common Health Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid After Intimacy

According to healthline Despite how long you’ve been together, you could still be doing some of the same mistakes in your Intimacy. Many people are concerned with what they should and should not do during intimate encounters, but few give thought to what they should and should not do before and after.

After a passionate session between the sheets, you and your partner could forget the little things that might add up to big health problems. Yes, I’m talking about the risk of contracting an illness during or immediately after a sex. Listed here are the top 6 most frequent blunders people make after being intimate.

Use of wet wipes for genital hygiene.

Yes, it’s important to clean up after sexual activity, but not in this way. It’s been found that the chemical components of wet wipes can irritate and create substantial itching in a woman’s most delicate and sensitive intimate organ.

2. holding it in after a passionate encounter.

Gentlewomen, you can go to the bathroom with complete confidence after Intimacy. It’s understandable that you’d be exhausted after an Intimacy, to the point where you would not feel like leaving bed or your partner’s side for a while. But it’s really important for you. When you urinate, some of the bacteria and germs in your body will be expelled along with them. When it comes to avoiding urinary tract infections, this is a must-have.

Third, wearing tight underwear to bed after making love.

After the best Intimacy of your life, you may feel like going to sleep right away. There is, however, something you absolutely must not do. Close-fitting underwear should be avoided immediately following Intimacy. This is because after engaging in Intimacy, you will be covered in sweat, and the reaction of your somewhat damp body with the fabric could lead to infection. If you prefer not to sleep naked, you can wear your pajamas to bed; just remember to take off your underwear first.

four, a steaming shower in the tub.

Intimacy can be followed by a shower, but not a soak in a hot tub. Intimate stimulation causes a little widening of the urethra. However, this renders you more prone to sickness if you then take a hot shower.

5. Scrubbing one’s testicles with soap.

Another questionable cleaning option is soap. The private organ is naturally damp, and when you wash it, that moisture evaporates. Therefore, you should avoid it.

Sixth, failing to clean your hands after having sexual contact.

You have made physical contact with your partner’s privates. As a result, preventing the spread of bacteria requires regular hand washing. If you don’t, you risk getting various bacterial infections.

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