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Bad News To Parents and Students as Proposal to Triple University Fee Gains Momentum.

Parents and university students have a reason to worry after the proposal to triple the current university fee gains momentum.

Today’s People Daily has reported that the government and vice-chancellors of public universities are thinking about increasing fees at least by triple in a bid to ensure financial stability for the institutions that are struggling to offer services.

If what the government and VCs are planning goes through, then university students will see their current fee of16, 000 per semester increased to Sh 48, 000 effective mid of this year.

It has been revealed that on January 16th, a meeting was held at Jogoo House that brought together top Ministry of Education officials and senior managers in all public universities, where the proposal to triple the fee gained momentum.

VCs argued that the current university fee was drafted several years ago during a different economic situation as compared to the current economy and the value of the shillings.

“The students paying should pay realistic tuition fees. Thus, review the Sh16,000 tuition payable since 1992,” reads a resolution made by the vice-chancellors.

 fee is increased, there are higher chances most university students could drop out of university considering some are currently struggling to pay the current fee. Most students rely on HELB loans, which is not enough to gather for their needs.

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