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Court of Appeal overturns APC governor primary elections in Benue






In order to choose its gubernatorial candidate, the Benue State Court of Appeal in Makurdi has ordered the All Progressives Congress, APC, to hold new primaries in 11 of the state’s 23 local government areas.





The following local governments are impacted: Gboko; Gwer-East; Gwer-West; Guma; Katsina-Ala; Logo; Makurdi; Otukpo; Ukum; Tarka; and Vandeikya.



In addition, the court ordered that the APC hold their primary within 14 days and that INEC declare a winner after tallying the votes from all 12 of the state’s electoral districts.


It comes only 33 days before the 2023 midterm elections.


The ruling came after an appeal was submitted by APC candidate Professor Terhemba Shija, who claimed that the party’s primary poll on May 27, 2022, for the selection of its gubernatorial candidate was invalid and that Fr. Alia should not have been declared the winner.


After reviewing Professor Shija’s evidence, the court sided with him.


But the Court sided with APC in the repeat election on June 9, 2022, holding that the results, which were held in 12 local governments across the states, were legal and binding.


Meanwhile, the court maintained the Federal High Court’s dismissal of Senator Barnabas Gemade’s complaint against Fr. Alia on the grounds that it was time-barred.

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