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Dennis Otiotio Explains Why He Disagrees With The Judgement The Nullified APC Congresses In Bayelsa

The recent sacking of the State Executives of the All Progressives Congress in Bayelsa State has not gone down well with the state chairman of the party, Dennis Otiotio. He has expressed his displeasure over the decision of the court to nullify all congresses held in Bayelsa State.

Dennis Otiotio stated that in the first place, the man who took APC to court is not a member of the party and as such, he does not have the right to even take APC to court and as such, the court was wrong to sack the executives of the party and also nullifying the congresses held in the state. Dennis Otiotio explained that it is only a member of APC that is legally allowed to take the party to court.

Dennis Otiotio disclosed that the court did not look at the objections raised by APC regarding the fact that the man who brought the case to court is not qualified to do so. Speaking further, Dennis Otiotio alleged that no legal practitioner was in the court to defend APC during the ruling. Speaking further, Dennis Otiotio disclosed that the Bayelsa State High Court does not have the jurisdiction to handle such cases.

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