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Drama As Jenni O Fights Theo Traw Over Wager »

After the Saturday fight between Olivia and Sandra, it was certain that the door for gbas gbos was open and more fights are ready to set in.

So this morning Jenni O and Theo Trey picked up the fight from where Olivia and Sandra dropped it. After Biggie paired all the housemates it was expected that everyone will now at least be their partners’ keeper.

They were talking about how they lost their last wager and ten Theo Trey said he thinks it is because they were confident that was why they lost the wager. The fight was actually between Theo and Juicy Jay it was surprising to know that Jenni O was waiting to take it up.

Theo was seating down when she came to him and started insulting him. She called him names and even tried to hit him but the other housemates had to come and hold her. Head of house Mmeli was the first to hold her as he knew a strike for her will be a strike for him as well.

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