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Expert Laughs Off Alleged Azimio Victory, Reacts to Raila Claims That KKA Government is Illegitimate

The political rally held by the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance camp and which was led by the coalition’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga at Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi has elicited mixed reactions.

The Azimio leaders claimed that Raila’s votes were stolen in favour of President William Ruto, with the Former Prime Minister saying that he defeated Ruto with over two million votes, according to a dossier by an anonymous whistleblower.

Raila termed Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza government as illegitimate, further demanding an audit of all Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission infrastructure which was used during the elections, the servers.

Speaking with KTN News few hours after the rally, Political Expert Martin Andati laughed off the alleged claims of victory by the Azimio camp, saying that if the whistleblower wanted to help them, he would have provided the evidence they claim to have at the Supreme Court.

“The issues Raila is raising are past time. That whistleblower ought to have given them that evidence to table at the Supreme Court if indeed he wanted to help them. Why did he wait more than four months? Raila is however looking for political relevance.”

On Raila’s move to term Ruto’s administration as illegitimate, Andati said that such remarks will not change anything since Ruto was shown legally according to the constitution and he appointed his Cabinet Secretaries, PSs and other leaders who have already hit the ground to deliver on the KKA agenda.

“Ruto was sworn in, he chose his government officials and the country has moved on. Raila wants to keep his camp intact, he is just playing politics.”

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