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Group launches mobile app to assess political leaders, track projects, bills

With few weeks to commencement of this year’s elections, an indigenous non-profit organisation, Piclehdest, has launched a political intelligence mobile application, ‘Poliliod’, to allow Nigerians participate in governance and monitor performances of public office holders, projects, programmes and bills.
According to the organisation, the application provides astuteness to improve the quality of elected leaders with a vision to get at least 80 per cent of elective political offices occupied by competent persons in the next 17 years.

Addressing a press conference, yesterday, in Lagos, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Imhen, pointed out that a major challenge confronting Nigeria for decades was poor leadership.

He said the organisation, from its findings, discovered that the root cause of poor leadership was weak decision-making capacity of the electorate during elections.
Imhen said about 76 per cent of those who make election decisions during voting are unenlightened Nigerians, who do not have the capacity to take intelligent decisions.

“Many enlightened Nigerians today do not know those contesting to represent them in their state and federal constituencies or which bills are being deliberated or passed. With Poliliod, all that is solved,” Imhen added.

He said Poliliod has four modules – election, legislation, government projects and elected officers’ performance monitoring.

The CEO clarified that the application allows users see lists of contestants at all levels to make informed decisions and assess the competence
of the gladiators.

He said the solution also allows Nigerians view various bills being sponsored, deliberated or passed in the various legislatures and can as well promote or stand against the pieces of legislation.

Imhen added that users could equally view profile of various projects and programmes of government at all levels and rate them based on certain criteria, which would add up to form part of their performance rating.

He urged Nigerians to take advantage of the application, which is downloadable online, is to ensure the right candidates are elected into government.

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