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“He’s Just A Boy,” Juicy Jay Says To Yvonne »

Juicy Jay is many things. According to him, the most important thing is that he is a man. He divulged what male housemate had fallen short of this glory.

On Friday night, he met with Yvonne at her bed. They discussed many things. The most notable one was who was a man based on his culture.

He revealed to her that in his culture, a male must perform ritual rites to be considered a man. He explained that he had done so and was a man by cultural standards.

He claimed that Yemi Cregx had not gone through such rituals. Therefore, although Yemi Cregx was older, he was still a boy. Yemi Cregx will not be allowed to sit with the community of men to discuss but, assigned to the boy’s meeting.

Many are confused as to why Juicy Jay was saying all these things. Is this just jealousy because women are fluttering towards Yemi Cregx?


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