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“I Have No Problem If Any Artist Sings My Song Anywhere” Famous Legendary Artist DK Says

“I Have No Problem If Any Artist Sings My Song Anywhere,” Famous Legendary Artist DK Says 

If you love Kikuyu songs and especially the old skull songs which are sung either in a full band or one-man guitar style, then you might have come across this legendary artist called DK Wa Maria.

DK is one of the pioneers in the Kikuyu music industry who commanded a huge number of fans and congregation when he was perming live on stage. Till today he remains a role model to many artists.

While addressing the ongoing issue of copyright songs which has affected the upcoming artists where one of the legendary artists JB Maina has sued Waithaka Wa Jane, Kamwana Wa Jane, Tony Young, and Kajei Salim for performing his songs. Now JB wants this artist to pay him 40 million shillings or each serve 4 years jail term.

When DK was addressing this issue he had this to say “I don’t have any problem with the upcoming artists who sings my songs, let them sing provided they will not insert bad words into my songs” He said.



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