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Ipeleng Use To Wash Lukay’s Boxers And Undies – Female Housemates Gossip

Ipeleng and Lukay have grown to like each other and some female housemates like Nana, Jenny O, Olivia and Yvonne were seen gossiping about them. Ipeleng and Lukay’s friendship is causing waves in the house because they are always seen together and it attract their colleagues to either gossip about them positively or negatively.

Recently, Yvonne, Ipeleng, Nana and Jenny O were seen conversing and their area of conversation was about Ipeleng. According to them, they said Ipeleng’s love for Lukay is probably making her misbehave to the extent that she now wash his boxers. Immediately they said it, they laughed over it in a mockery way.

Ipeleng and Lukay recently kissed each other which literally means that they like each other. Earlier today, Jenny O and Theo got into a fight and she called him a clown. Kindly share your reactions via the comment section below.

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