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KCSE 2022: The Truth Behind ‘Grade A Principals’ Accessing Marking Schemes

The KCSE results were made public by Cabinet Secretary for Education Ezekiel Machogu on Friday, January 20. The results have received a range of reactions.

In 2022, 1,146 students received a “A” as their average grade, up from 1,138 in 2021. Because the As were concentrated in a limited number of Kenya’s top institutions, some Kenyans were quite concerned about their dispersal.

The engagement of grade-A principals, according to Fred Ogola, an education director and prominent instructor of strategy and decision-making, may be the root of the dispersion. On January 23, Ogola said this while appearing on K24 TV.

Is it not conceivable that certain individuals might get together and talk about how these outcomes might be influenced.

Ogolo questioned, “These groups of individuals engage headteachers who can ensure tests work” rather than having base instructors lead pupils through the curriculum.

He added that Grade “A” principals are used to describe headteachers who oversee exam procedures.

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