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Naja’atu Mohammed Reveals Why She Left APC

Naja’atu Mohammed, a strong Kano state politician has revealed why she decided to part ways with the All Progressive Congress party. Naja’atu who resigned from her position as the Director of Civil society directorate in the APC Presidential campaign council few days ago has stated in an interview with DCL Hausa that Tinubu is being surrounded by people who do not have a plan for the Nation. 

Naja’atu spoke about the religious credibility of Tinubu as a Muslim. She alleged that Tinubu is not a true Muslim because he couldn’t recite the Fatiha. If you recall in a campaign rally that Tinubu struggled to get the Islamic prayer right before he switched to praying in the Christian way. Naja’atu claimed that the APC are deceiving the North with the Muslim-Muslim ticket. 

She said, ”Why do I care about Muslim Muslim? They are busy not only galvanizing the polity but deceiving people, how Islamic are they? Somebody [Tinubu] that could not even read Fatiha is calling himself a Muslim, without Fatiha you can’t pray, which means he has never prayed, what nonsense is that? I don’t care about a Muslim-Muslim ticket but I care about Nigeria who as a Nation is ignorant. And that is why our ruling class deliberately took education from the people, especially in the North.”

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