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NEWS JUST IN: Gvt Launches Crackdown, Declares 1.8M Penalty to All Drivers Found Breaking this Law

As cases of trailer overloading continue to rise in the country, the government through the Kenya National Highways Authority has announced stiffer punishment for all drivers found breaking maximum trailer weight laws.

Speaking to the media, Jackson Kamuyu – the operations manager for Danka Africa Limited ( DAL ) that manages the Suswa and Gilgil weighbridges, stated that long distance drivers ferrying goods to neighbouring countries lead in breaking the law.

As KENHA launches a crackdown on rogue drivers and shipping companies, he warned that offenders will be slapped with KES 1,861,500 fine or face a three year jail term.

According to analysis by the Kenya National Highways Authority, drivers operating in Kenya’s Northern corridor are the top breakers of the law. Atleast 500 of 900,000 trailers weighed at the Gilgil weighbridge were found to have loaded above required maximum weight leading to the arrest of drivers.

The Northern corridor refers to multimodal trade routes that link the landlocked countries of the Great Lakes region to the maritime seaport of Mombasa.


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