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Osita Chidoka Expresses Concern Over Bola Tinubu’s $4 Million Transaction With A Colombian Man

A members of the Peoples Democratic Party, Osita Chidoka, has revealed that some unexplainable transaction between Bola Tinubu and a man who leaves in Colombia has been uncovered. According to Osita Chidoka, Nigeria should investigate the transaction so as to know if Bola Tinubu is being blackmailed.

Osita Chidoka maintained that Nigerians need to know why Bola Tinubu paid millions of dollars to someone who stays in Colombia. Osita Chidoka said that he does not know if Bola Tinubu will be taken to court, however, he is worried because of the fact that Colombia is known for being a hot site for hard drug businesses.

Osita Chidoka explained that considering the fact that there are a lot of drug-related businesses being carried out in Colombia, he is hopeful that Bola Tinubu is not being blackmailed by the man he paid the huge amount of money to. Osita Chidoka disclosed that it is important to know the nature of the business Bola Tinubu had with the man because it will not be good if someone from Colombia is blackmailing a man who wants to be Nigeria’s president.

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