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Reactions Trail Video Of 100-Year-Old Woman Who Revealed What Made Her Live Long

There have been diverse reactions on social media to a video of an 100-years-old woman who revealed what made her live long.

According to a video posted by Tunde Ednut, this woman was asked what made her live long to 100years old, she said, first take care of yourself, eat properly that’s for sure, put down drinking and smoking, I don’t do it, take a lot of Vegetables, not too much sweets which y’all love, just as I can say just take care of yourself, don’t stay out late at night and coming back and go to work early in the morning, that’s not good for your body, so you take care of yourself and remember to pray, you have to pray for God to keep you, she said.

She revealed that she say her prayers in her bed in the morning and she says her prayers on her knees at night, and whenever she goes any place, she thanks God for taking her because, who else can she thank if not God, she said always thank him for keeping you and your family and that’s all I can say, she said. What are your thoughts on this?

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