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“She talking about the ring, take note Wiz”- Reactions as Wizkid’s baby mama creates a wish list

  • Wizkid’s baby mama partner, Jada P, has come online to make her desires known
  • The mother of two first stated her desire to have everything she ever prayed for before going on to make a list of things

Jada Pollock, the manager and third baby mama of award-winning singer Wizkid, has revealed the list of things she desires in life.

The singer’s manager first explained how she hoped to get all the things she had ever prayed for.

Following her first statement on Twitter, Jada further released a list of things one is supposed to have at a certain age, which aligned with her first statement.

In Jada’s words:

“Once you hit a certain age, all you really want is God, money, family, stability, and peace.”

Fawas Chase: “Tell your boyfriend to release good album. I can’t even differentiate sleeping pills and his last album.”

kylee Gee: “This you tweet just made me realize u are a human a you can never be satisfied in this life.”

Time Traveller ⏱: “She talking about the I guess. Take note Wiz.”

Duchess®™: “You couldn’t have said it any better. This is just the gospel truth! God bless and guide you always Jada .”


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