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Take Time To Find Your Child’s Love Language And Speak To Them Constantly-Faith Oyedepo Says.

Faith Oyedepo, The General Overseer’s Wife of Living Faith a.k.a Winners, in a recent post on her Twitter page handle shared a message to the public.

While speaking she said, “The right environment should be cultivated for children with the needed care, love, and support. Take time to find your child’s love language and speak to them constantly.

She also said, “Every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment, to lead a healthy life and develop positive future prospects. A healthy environment is a precondition for children’s physical and mental health. Without it they cannot grow up and become healthy members of society.

Finally, she said, ” Environments that are respectful of children’s emerging skills and competencies provide opportunities for them to make their own decisions and to act independently. These environments: Encourage children to make choices, whether to be with others or to be on their own.

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Faith Oyedepo
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