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The Reason Why You’re Seeing A Lot Of Battles In Your Life – Apostle Suleman Reveals

The founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has recently released a video to the public with a vital message for Christians. That’s why he explained to you why you’ve been having so many conflicts recently.

The devil, in his view, is after everybody who chooses God. Anyone that God is using as an example has also drawn the attention of Satan. When God places a calling or task on your life, all hell breaks loose. The hand of God is upon you, and that is why you are having so much difficulty. You are experiencing God’s divine growth in your life. God has a plan for you that you must fulfill.

He continued by saying that no one would chase the player who did not have the ball because that would be counterproductive on the football field. The player who has possession of the ball also attracts attention and analysis. He has a ball, so the commentator keeps calling his name. Your attackers will increase in number as you get closer to the goal. Since you’re getting so close, everyone decides to start attacking you. In order to reach your goal, you must first overcome several obstacles.

But the reason you’re facing so many challenges right now is because you’re almost there. Hell and Satan both fear you for an unknown reason. But he added, “my delight is that God is supporting you.”

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