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They Have A Hidden Agenda For Fixing Tinubu and Shettima on the Ballot—Bishop Asaju Calls Out APC

Amidst the current tussle for the presidential seat lingering among the major presidential candidates, renowned Christian cleric and theologian Bishop Dapo Asaju has called out the ruling All Progressive Congress members for fixing Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his vice president, Kashim Shettima, on the ballot, saying that the party has a hidden agenda for keeping up with the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

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According to Bishop Dapo Asaju, “the Muslim-muslim ticket on the All Progressives Congress ticket has only confirmed what the Christian community feared all along. I know that Bola Tinubu and his vice presidential candidate, Shettima have a hidden agenda that will not go well for the country’s unity.”

Speaking further, he explained that the ruling party has displayed insensitivity by placing Tinubu and Shettima on the ballot ahead of the 2023 elections.

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