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What A Relation Said To Me When I Was 12-14 Years That Later Came To Pass – Paul Enenche Reveals

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center spoke to his members on “Accessing Vision” at their Sunday Combined Service, Glory Dome, Abuja.

According to him, one way to access vision is by manifestation of Potentials. Potential is key to purpose and vision. What you’re wired to do determines what you will be hired to do by God, by your generation. You have been wired for things, what you’re wired to do is what you will be hired to do both by God and by your generation. So, your aptitude, what you can do determines your altitude, it determines how high you can fly. What you can do affects how high you climb in life. So, this is a point you look into yourself and your potentials and it can begin to create visions.

He revealed what one of his relations said to him when he was between 12-14 years that came to pass. He said, “One of my relations, when I was growing up as a child at 12-14 years, he told me, he said, “you have a way with words. The way you play with words, in time to come, you’re either going to address people or speak or teach or lecture or something. It is easy for you to organize and just go through with words”. He was saying what he saw. Those close to you, yourself can make certain comments about you based on what they see consistently that could have a bearing with what you may do.

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