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Fernandes Barasa Reacts to Khalwale’s Legislative Conference in Dar es Salaam, Says He is Enjoying

Fernandes Barasa has bashed Senator Boni Khalwale over the Kakamega County funds disbursements.

Fernandes Barasa begun by revealing the amount Counties are demanding for allocation.

“All Governors under the umbrella body Council of Governors are demanding for allocation of Ksh.425 billion to Counties in the FY2023/2024”, Fernandes Barasa.

“What we want is to serve the people of Kenya. Tukishirikiana na serikali kuu, mimi kama chairman wa finance, Committee ya Council of Governors, nimeambia serikali kuu as Counties, we are demanding Ksh.425 billion hiyo ndio pesa katiba article 103 in the constitution inasema the budget ya Counties will be done in consultation na Council of Governors”, Fernandes Barasa posed.

Fernandes Barasa revealed that Dr Boni Khalwale is currently in Der es Salaam enjoying himself while he is struggling to fight for funds disbursements to Kakamega County.

“After bringing money in this County, you will get a person saying I as the Senator, am the one who brought money here in Kakamega. As by now I’m struggling alone to bring money, and he is in Dar es Salaam enjoying”, Fernandes Barasa posed.

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