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KCSE: Top Ranked Kabianga High School’s Fall From Grace And the Most Improved Schools

The most popular secondary school among applicants who took the KCPE in 2022, Kabianga High School, did not participate in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education this year (KCSE).

Results released by Education CS in 2022 Mr. Ezekiel Machogu, Kabianga High reported a mean of 9.2, which was below the average of 9.3 in 2021.

Despite the fact that students ranked the institution as their top option, the statistics showed a 0.13 percent decline.In the 482-student Kabianga High School, 15 pupils earned straight As while 101 others did not.

The National School received 153,074 applications in total from children who took the KCPE exams in 2022, but it can only accommodate a certain number of students.

Nanyuki High, which received 148,827 applications from the KCPE class of 2022, was ranked second because its performance in the KCSE this year was better than it was in 2021.

The school that the 2021 KCPE Class preferred most recorded a mean of 8.89 in 2022 as opposed to the 2021 mean of 8.73.

The third-most popular secondary school for the 2022 KCSE was Nyandarua High School, which had 137,511 applications from KCPE candidates, with a mean score of 7.5.

Pangani Girls’ High School, which was the fourth most popular school in Nairobi County and received a mean score of 9.58 in contrast to 2021’s mean of 9.55, was eliminated from the KCSE in 2022.

A total of 119,265 students expressed interest in attending the national school for the 2022 KCPE.A large number of kids from Pangani School scored in the top 100 nationwide in the KCSE results that were revealed this week.

The 2022 KCPE team ranked Maseno School in Kisumu County as the fifth most favored high school in the nation after 105,540 pupils there achieved a mean score of 9.66 in the 2022 KCSE as opposed to 8.86 in 2021.

48 students received all A’s, 133 received A-, 141 received B+, and 115 received B plain.

65 pupils received a B-, 37 received a C+, 8 received a C, 3 received a C-, and 2 received a D+.

Alliance Girls High in Kiambu County had a mean of 10.2, while it received a mean of 10.1 in 2021. With a total of 104,763 applications, it was the sixth most popular secondary school.

Nakuru High School was the sixth most popular secondary school in the 2022 KCSE, showing progress from its mean score of 10.42.

Kapsabet Boys High School in Nandi, which won the KCSE in 2021 with a mean of 10.7, fell in this year’s exams after recording a mean of 10.1 in the recently revealed results.

The KCPE class of 2022 ranked the institution as their eighth top choice. Here are the students’ results; As = 104, A- = 191, B+ = 99, B = 54, B- = 12, and C+ = 1 are the values.

Kapsabet Boys had 52 applicants who received an A plain in the 2022 KCSE results, as well as 150 (A -), 153 (B+), 71 (B), 37 (B-), 11 (C+), and eight who received a C plain.

Mang’u High School in Kiambu County, which received 98,146 applications to enroll and was the ninth-most popular secondary school, improved in the 2022 KCSE after recording a mean of 10.3. It recorded a mean of 9.86 in 2021.

500 pupils were registered at the school; 81 received A plain grades, 192 A- grades, 113 B+ grades, and 70 B plain grades.Three pupils received a 3, seven received a C+, and 34 received a B-.

The tenth most popular secondary school, Butere Girls High School, saw an increase in its mean from 2021, when it had 8.3, to 2022, when it registered a mean of 8.7.Candidates for the 2022 KCPE had submitted 95,550 applications to the school.

Here are the results that the students at the national school posted: 16 pupils received A- grades, and 56 received A- (minus).

B+ was earned by 97 students from the school, B- was managed by 104, and B- was earned by 90. Another 60 students received a C+ (plus).

The success of Butere Girls was credited to mentoring initiatives, some of which were supported by First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto.

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