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People Accuse Me Of Using Jazz Because Of My Talent, But I’ve Been Doing It Since I Was 18yrs – Man

A young man who identifies as Emmanuel Odiente was recently interviewed by BBC News regarding his exceptional talent of holding objects on his forehead and it won’t fall or break. During this interview, Emmanuel stated that most Nigerians have accused him of using Jazz because of his talent, but he has been doing it since he was 18-years-old.

According to him, he has worked hard for years to nurture his skills and talents. He made it clear that it takes a great deal of determination and strong concentration to do what he does with the bottles. He also stated that he does not use any form of Jazz and any other person can do it, but they’ll have to come to him for teaching so he can share some secrets.

He said, “I can place more than 5 bottles on my forehead and even spin them with stick. None of them will fall and break. I have to concentrate and even if something is biting me, I ignore it.

“Many people think I use jazz to do it, but I have been doing this since I was 18. It’s not jazz but constant practice and anyone can do it too if they learn it along with some secrets.

“My family don’t stay with me. So I use my talents to make money from shows and send back to them”.

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