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“Samidoh Kept His Promise To Me And Made Me Who I Am Today” Kikuyu Artist Sammy Young Opens Up

If you are a Kikuyu Benga music fan you must have come across Sammy Young at some point. He is a Kikuyu musician and a social media influencer who has moved from grass to fame through hard work and determination.

Some hours ago he was live in an interview where he talked about his life experiences and how he entered music industry. According to him, he met Kikuyu Benga artist Samidoh at Olkarau when he was in form three and he sang all his songs which pleased Samidoh.

This happened through Jeff Kuria and after singing Samidoh told him to work hard in class and immediately he will be done with school he would record his first song. Immediately after highschool he called Samidoh several times until he remembered they had a deal and Samidoh decided to keep his promise.

Samidoh took him to studio and paid his full recording cost and later paid for the video recording. It didn’t end there, Samidoh went ahead and marketed his talent until she was called by Nyoks Wa Katta Katta to perform at Inooro tv and from there he became popular up to date. Watch the full video below.

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