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” Wasichana Walimaliza Career Yake” Andrew Kibe Hits Out at Timmy Tdat.

The entertainment criticizer and one of the most controversial creator in Kenya , Andrew Kibe , has decided to hit out at Timmy Tdat.

Kibe questioned on Tdat current situation. He has really flopped and he is not a big musician like he used to be 5 years ago.

During his live show, Kibe claimed that Timmy is failing in music due to ladies. He revealed that his scandals with several ladies made kenyans to see him as a bad example. Despite being talented , his songs no longer go viral like before. Kibe believes that ladies are the one who brought down the brand of Timmy Tdat.

It is true that Timmy has been consistent in dropping songs, but the sad part is that, his songs struggle to reach 100,000 views on YouTube. They aren’t going viral despite of being of high quality. Andrew Kibe urged Timmy to go back to the table and see where things went wrong.

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