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What Caused The Sudden Death Of Professor George Magoha

What Allegedly Caused The Sudden Death Of Professor George Magoha.

Professor George Magoha served as a cabinet secretary during Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency. He was known for his humor and toughness, especially while making his speech to the public.

Professor Magoha highly advocated for a competency-based curriculum (CBC). He died a few days after reports that he had found a job at Maseno Universe as a lecturer.

According to the news posted by popular tv station NTV, the reports says that Magoha has succumbed due to a heart disease called cardiac arrest which is one of the most killer diseases. It is also a lifestyle disease.

Most cardiac arrests occur when a diseased heart’s electrical system malfunctions. This malfunction causes an abnormal heart rhythm such as ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation. Some cardiac arrests are also caused by the extreme slowing of the heart’s rhythm (bradycardia).

Magoha died a few weeks after being offered a job as a lecturer at Maseno university in the faculty of surgery and human anatomy.



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