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10 photos of Amina Abdi looking gorgeous

Amina Abdi Rabar is a media personality, host of The Trend on NTV,cooperate MC and fashion influencer. She is known for her bold fashion styles. Here are 12 photos of her looking super hot. Black has never looked this good. Amina looks sexy with the slit showing her glowing thigh. Here the media personality looks stunning.The knee high boots are everything and this look belongs to the Paris fashion show. One can never go wrong with black and white. Amina Abdi looks like she is ready to join a bike gang. The blending of navy blue and sky blue on the outfit is genius. It was a pinkstatic affair as she hosted her show The Trend. The slit on her dress and the puffed sleeves are everything.She looks hot in this green bandage dress while posing next to the beamer and completing the look with clear strapped heels. Suits don’t have to be boring. She stands out in the unique styled suit with slits on the side of the trouser and ruffles on the coat. This look is picture perfect. Amina aced this look.She looks gorgeous in the yellow jumpsuit and her cute smile on The Trend show. The black pencil skirt enhances her curvy figure and the gold buttons on her coat completes the look. Here she looks like a CEO.It is a jeans affair, with the denim jacket, jean skirt and the knee high boots.

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